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Gift Guide

This is my gift guide for anyone out there shopping for silly nerdy girls such as myself. What can I say? Those are my people. Any of these lovely things would definitely make me swoon if they just so happened to be under the christmas tree 🙂

1. Polaroid Film. I recently inherited a Polaroid camera through my Freecycle Group and I desperately need film!

2. The Nikon D3000, I like it because it’s fairly inexpensive for this type of camera. But it’s definitely probably still too pricey for me. Maybe if Santa’s feeling generous heehee

3. One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker. I want  I want I want. Being new to sewing and all I can’t of anything more perfect than a lovely book full of small projects to start off with!

4. Akzidenz Grotesk in Fabric. I’m such a type nerd. Truly.

5. Amy Butler’s In Stitches. Another lovely sewing book, maybe a person can’t have too many…?

6. Animal Prints by Sharon Montrose. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRINTS! They are too beautiful, these are some of my faves but there’s lots more!


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Picture 6

I stumbled across this site while researching for an upcoming project yesterday. I really dig their site design. So original and fun! Plus, at redvelvetart you can buy some lovely handmade goods which is always good!

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Asya Palatova


white butterfly 4

Really beautiful ceramics work by Asya Palatova. I love the simple beauty of her designs and I am oh so thrilled that she has an etsy shop for me to pick up one of these lovely pieces at a VERY affordable price. She also runs a very nice blog here.

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Feelgood List


This cute little customizable list serves as a reminder to be kind to yourself and I love that. Especially now! Because seriously, who doesn’t need a reminder like that? I’m all for feeling good, upward and onward people! Oh, AND it’s on sale! Found it on etsy by UpUp.

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My Dear Darling




Okay, show of hands, who doesn’t think penguins are crazy adorable? No? No one huh? What if said penguins also were I dunno maybe personalized and had cute little props and were carefully handmade by an equally lovely former classmate of mine? Even cuter I think! My lovely friend Akiyo of My Dear Darling makes very cute detailed little penguins, I plan on gifting one to my niece for her upcoming bday. In the meantime there’s a nifty GIVEAWAY going on over at the My Dear Darling blogspot, enter now for your chance to win your very own mini penguin!

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I’m really loving these adorable handmade creatures from Stitchface. How cute are these? They range between $24- $30 a creature, but how can you resist their faces??

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