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See ya Next Year

Happy Holidays all! I’ll be off in the frozen land of Washington, DC for the holidays this year to celebrate with the boyfriend’s family. And oh man am I excited, have I mentioned that I’ve never actually seen real snow? And did I also mention that DC has been experience a flurry of blizzardness (yes. it is a word.)? Anywho I wanted to wish all of you who celebrate a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I appreciate that you take time out of your day to visit me and to comment on all my little happenings 🙂

I’ll meet you here in January! Hope you all have a happy, healthy 2010! Cheers!


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Succulent Giveaway

Happy Friday All! There’s a great giveaway going on at Prudent Baby for some absolutely fabulous succulents. Which I love, mainly its the un-killable factor that I love. Anywho to enter to win just post a comment before 12/22 about your funniest un-green thumb experience. Here’s mine:

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Gift Guide

This is my gift guide for anyone out there shopping for silly nerdy girls such as myself. What can I say? Those are my people. Any of these lovely things would definitely make me swoon if they just so happened to be under the christmas tree 🙂

1. Polaroid Film. I recently inherited a Polaroid camera through my Freecycle Group and I desperately need film!

2. The Nikon D3000, I like it because it’s fairly inexpensive for this type of camera. But it’s definitely probably still too pricey for me. Maybe if Santa’s feeling generous heehee

3. One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker. I want  I want I want. Being new to sewing and all I can’t of anything more perfect than a lovely book full of small projects to start off with!

4. Akzidenz Grotesk in Fabric. I’m such a type nerd. Truly.

5. Amy Butler’s In Stitches. Another lovely sewing book, maybe a person can’t have too many…?

6. Animal Prints by Sharon Montrose. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRINTS! They are too beautiful, these are some of my faves but there’s lots more!

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Timber Preservation Society

Over the weekend the boyfriend and I attended Unique LA, one of my most favorite local events, and he purchased this awesome tee from Timber Preservation Society.

I really dig the style, the illustrations on these screenprinted tees is so detailed and fun and whimsical and just awesome. They’re so different than what you normally see on tees that I just had to feature them. And I found out that they’ve been a featured seller on etsy before too! The interview is over a year old so I guess I’m a little late to the party on this one but oh well.


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Happy Thanksgiving!


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The Fanciest Water Bottle I’ve Ever Seen

Yes, it is very fancy…I’m seeing a big lace trend lately. First there was this Lace Packing Tape spotted over at Oboiler ($10/ roll). This stuff can pretty up any package don’t you think?


Then I saw this Lace Hotel Concept by Dima Loginoff. Very impressive.


And then tonight, as if to say “Yes I am Lace and I am now undeniably a full fledged design trend” I saw Lace at my local Target. This time it came in the form of, you guessed it, The Fanciest Water Bottle I’ve Ever Seen. The Christmas 08 Christian Lacroix Evian water bottle goes for $13.95 a bottle; fancy indeed.



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