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I’m back!

Yes, it’s true. My hiatus is over! I moved into my new apartment successfully with the help of a some very helpful cousin, sisters, and boyfriend. Thanks to everyone who was oh so helpful. I don’t think I would have survived the 3 flights of stairs without you!


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Finally found a lovely place to move to in Long Beach. Things a re a bit busy, be back in a bit!

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Ruven Afanador

These are beautiful and different and oh so captivating, don’t you think? See more of it here.

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Printing Ersatz

This is via the dailyheller. The piece you see above is a sample of ersatz created by Germany and Austria after WWI. After the war these countries experienced severe financial struggles. Cities began printing and distributing their own bartering money called ersatz. It helped a lot of designers at the time get noticed and it’s really interesting to see these pieces now in our own time of financial struggle.

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Hello Monday

This weekend was a busy one, lots of preparing for this week. One of my projects was designing some engagement announcements for sister. She’s getting married soon, er…soonish in 2010 actually. But the wedding is going to be abroad, hence the early preparation. Here are some snippets of the engagement announcements I’ve designed for them. It’ll be a beach wedding with bright tropical colors, love the hot pink and orange! You wouldn’t think the combination would work but it really does. I’ve also made the whimsical little illustrations of the couple which really resemble them pretty well. I’m pretty happy with the result; we’ll be printing on linen paper and enclosing them in mango hued envelopes. I’ll post pictures of the finished product soon!

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Friday Freebie!!

Found some lovely free wallpaper downloads by Marimekko. Very pretty, very simple, very free! Happy Friday!

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John Stewart

Have I mentioned how I love John Stewart? I do. He was great last night the on The Daily Show as he analyzed Sean Hannity’s interview with the could be President of the United States, Sarah Palin.

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