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Embroidered Sketchbooks

So I have this beautiful linen sketchbook and it’s completely blank and in the nicest white linen stock. I love it but I’ve been thinking I want to do something really special to personalize it a bit more. I’ve also been coming across a lot of beautiful embroidery work lately and the two thoughts intersected and now I really want to embroider this sketchbook.

How can you not want to try it with all the lovely inspirations out there for this kind of project? Wish me luck because I will probably cry if I mess up my lovely sketchbook. Ok. Not really.

Top to Bottom via: 1. What Katie Does, 2. Available for Purchase at DenkiAi’s etsy, 3. Available for Purchase at papermode’s etsy


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My Birthday Gift!

My Birthday was this past Sunday, Decemeber 6th. I turned a WHOLE QUARTER OF A CENTURY! Pretty nifty, eh? And my oh so awesome boyfriend got me this lovely Singer Sewing Machine. Something Ive been wanting for awhile but of course, would never ever splurge on myself on a purchase like this. So it makes this an even more awesome gift because he knows that I would never buy it. And now my new machine sits on my desk waiting to make things. And oh the things I want to make! I dont even know where to start! And I have to admit I’m pretty intimated because I’ve never actually used a sewing machine before.

I love this adorable applique dress I spied over at Cakies. I bet I could try something similar. So cute. I’m sure my nieces would each love one!

Then there’s the headband project from Prudent Baby. This one seems like a good starter project I think. And I do believe I have some cute scrap fabric pieces at home somewhere.

Plus there’s aprons, curtains, mittens, pillo wcases, agh! So many things I want to make. Can’t wait to get started! 🙂

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