Gift Guide

This is my gift guide for anyone out there shopping for silly nerdy girls such as myself. What can I say? Those are my people. Any of these lovely things would definitely make me swoon if they just so happened to be under the christmas tree 🙂

1. Polaroid Film. I recently inherited a Polaroid camera through my Freecycle Group and I desperately need film!

2. The Nikon D3000, I like it because it’s fairly inexpensive for this type of camera. But it’s definitely probably still too pricey for me. Maybe if Santa’s feeling generous heehee

3. One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker. I want  I want I want. Being new to sewing and all I can’t of anything more perfect than a lovely book full of small projects to start off with!

4. Akzidenz Grotesk in Fabric. I’m such a type nerd. Truly.

5. Amy Butler’s In Stitches. Another lovely sewing book, maybe a person can’t have too many…?

6. Animal Prints by Sharon Montrose. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRINTS! They are too beautiful, these are some of my faves but there’s lots more!


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