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Embroidered Sketchbooks

So I have this beautiful linen sketchbook and it’s completely blank and in the nicest white linen stock. I love it but I’ve been thinking I want to do something really special to personalize it a bit more. I’ve also been coming across a lot of beautiful embroidery work lately and the two thoughts intersected and now I really want to embroider this sketchbook.

How can you not want to try it with all the lovely inspirations out there for this kind of project? Wish me luck because I will probably cry if I mess up my lovely sketchbook. Ok. Not really.

Top to Bottom via: 1. What Katie Does, 2. Available for Purchase at DenkiAi’s etsy, 3. Available for Purchase at papermode’s etsy


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Vintage Children’s Books



I found this absolutely amazing and lovely etsy shop that sells Vintage Children’s Books! Actually the name of the shop is really Vintage Kid’s Books My Kid Loves, that alone makes it a winner I think. But these books are seriously cheap, who doesn’t love that? Plus, I think it’s fun to read something an older book to a kid because it bring up all the nostalgia. Here are a few of the covers that I liked the best. Aren’t they great?

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