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Wooden Wall-E


Seen at Fubiz.


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Murakami, Kaikai & Kiki…say that three times fast


Takashi Murakami has announced a new expansion to Kaikai Kiki, his global art empire. He’s bringing it to Hollywood! Why you ask? To open Murakami’s animation and film studio. Awesome.

“This studio represents a great step in the evolution of Kaikai Kiki and gives me a closer proximity to the community of artists with whom I hope to collaborate as I continue my explorations of animated and live-action film,” said Murakami in a statement.

This is pretty exciting, Murakami’s work is perfect for animation! It’ll be interesting to see how these films develop and what kinds of tones they take on. Murakami has always been known to do pieces around the subjects of consumerism, war, peace and other political themes. Will these films continue that? Oohh! Can’t wait to see…

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