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Yesterday I was more than ready for the election to be over and I admit I was feeling a bit apathetic about the whole thing. But today I am so completely angry about the world around me that I couldn’t care more about it all. Yesterday evening there was a huge mass assembled protesting Yes on Prop 8. Seriously? How can anyone still have that kind of hate in them toward a group of people? How can you honestly still believe that a group of people, any group of people, should be discriminated against in 2008? I heard comments today about how Prop 8 is “protecting marriage”. That’s just such crap. What about protecting civil rights? Isn’t that a concern to anyone? I also got some comments directed at me about how annoying it is when the Hispanic kids come trick or treating at your door and how they get dropped off by the bus fulls. Wow. The narrow minded hateful things that are still spoken and believed by these people is unbelievable and such a complete culture shock for me. Would it be acceptable if I, a Hispanic woman, said to them that it bothered me when white children came trick or treating in my neighborhood? Another comment I heard was that if Obama were to get elected we’re screwed. Seriously? Seriously?! I am in such complete shock and I just needed to vent about these awful things to people who understand these very real concerns.


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Is it over yet??

The cable’s out. Actually, to be honest, it was never in really. I digress, anywho, this has kept me somewhat safe from the nonstop election watch of 08. But nonetheless I’d like it to be Tuesday now. That would be great. Six more days seems like an eternity. I want to know now, it seems like this election has dragged on for so long and it’s such an important one as it will help determine whether or not I should flee the country in terror. I’m the person who gets totally engulfed in the life of the fictional person in a book I’m reading and cheats and reads the last couple pages to know how it turns out before continuing reading where I left off. Oh Tuesday…you are so far…

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Made me laugh

This was so great I had to post it here. My friend Jaime sent me this video and it is awesome. Customize your own here.

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Yes We Carve.

Haha yay! Barack O’Lanterns!~ How awesome is that? See more here, spotted them over at Not Martha.

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Its Just So Good.

I’m well into the book now. Blessed Unrest is life changing; it alters your view of the world, it’s inhabitants it’s possibilities. Pardon the “new agey” music played during this video clip. Anyone else reading about this movement, or as I call it the new revolution?

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Oh. God. Yes.

This is absolutely fantastic. Everything a Designer Needs. Brought to you by Esthetic Core.

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Voter Suppression

Having the right to vote is one of the very basic and most wonderful things about this country. I think everyone can agree on that, or at least I thought everyone could agree on that. That is until I stumbled upon this video from the organization ACORN. The video is part of a campaign by ACORN to set the record straight about the organization and it’s intentions. Over the last 18 months, ACORN has waged a voter registration campaign, which successfully helped register 1.3 million new voters. But the McCain campaign has recently launched an attack on ACORN’s efforts saying that the voters who were registered are fraudulent aims at skewing the race in Obama’s favor. Why you ask? In preparation for the possibility of their loss. Should the GOP lose this election they can always put the blame on the “fraudulent voters” registered by ACORN. That attack is ridiculous. It truly is. As explained in this video it nearly impossible to get those kinds of results. Watch and learn.

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