Lovely Handmade Knit Dolls

How was everyone’s christmas break? Mine was awesome, I finally got to have my very first white Christmas and it was such a nice change fromt he mid 70s weather I usually experience during the holidays. This year I really tried to buy mostly handmade gifts for my loved ones since it’s so much better for the economy and there’s just such a nice feeling that comes with receiving a personalized handmade item that doesn’t compare to something store bought. For my newest little niece I purchased a handmade doll knit by Grace over at Done by Digits. I even had the pleasure of meeting Grace personally at Patchwork when the show came to Long Beach. As soon as I came over to her booth I fell in love with the lovely dolls she makes an knew I had to order one. And so Grace was nice enough to help me create an adorably ethnic little doll for baby Bella. Isn’t she just adorable?


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