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Mark Jenkins




I’m quite amused by Mark Jenkins’ street art. Seen at designyoutrust.


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Barbie Gets a Makeover


The Wall Street Journal‘s Nicholas Casey has the full details on “the sweeping makeover,” which will include everything from “revamping the corporate structure that oversees Barbie to changing the way the doll is photographed for ads. The goal: to make Barbie fashionable again with older girls, who are dropping her for other, edgier playthings like video games.” Among the first tasks of the overhaul: reining in the sprawling, inconsistent Barbie brand.

For years after her introduction in 1959, Barbie reflected and even shaped fashion trends with her bell-bottom pants and power suits. But the Barbie empire started to lose its focus in the past decade as Mattel put the Barbie name on everything from animated cartoons to golf clubs.That meant Mattel wasn’t relying solely on doll revenue for the brand, but it also spawned inconsistency. For example, when executives reviewed Barbie’s packaging and ads, they found five different logos. Barbie’s color, pink, also ran the gamut, with 15 different shades.

I for one think it’s a great idea, over the years I’ve definitely lost respect for the Barbie brand. I mean seriously, this is a role model for young girls? I think not.

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1 Of My 2 New Favorite Tees


And it was a Christmas gift! Hehe I love the monster, my new shirt is so cool. Get yours here.

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2008’s Worst and Best Logos


A pretty good year review on this years logos over at Brand New.

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Downtown ArtWalk


Oh yes, it’s me I have returned. Hey it’s the Holidays and things are busy around here. But I’m here (yay!).  And I’m happy to see there’s an upcoming Downtown ArtWalk coming up. Thursday January 8th from 12pm- 9pm and it’s FREEEEE….woohoo!

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Fentress Unveils LAX Plans!



Fentress Architects has released their plans for redesigning LAX. The firm won the bid for the redesign last month and the plans look awesome. Their sleek ocean-inspired look is just what LAX needs. I mean really though, ANYTHING is better than what we currently have. Fentress has also designed South Korea’s Incheon International Airport and here in the US they designed Denver International Airport.

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Wooden Wall-E


Seen at Fubiz.

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