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Lovely Handmade Knit Dolls

How was everyone’s christmas break? Mine was awesome, I finally got to have my very first white Christmas and it was such a nice change fromt he mid 70s weather I usually experience during the holidays. This year I really tried to buy mostly handmade gifts for my loved ones since it’s so much better for the economy and there’s just such a nice feeling that comes with receiving a personalized handmade item that doesn’t compare to something store bought. For my newest little niece I purchased a handmade doll knit by Grace over at Done by Digits. I even had the pleasure of meeting Grace personally at Patchwork when the show came to Long Beach. As soon as I came over to her booth I fell in love with the lovely dolls she makes an knew I had to order one. And so Grace was nice enough to help me create an adorably ethnic little doll for baby Bella. Isn’t she just adorable?


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Bandito Design Company

I found Bandito Design Company via paper crave. And this is definitely paper i crave. I love the designs on their site! But specifically I love this gold metallic over dark blue hoodlum creaturz print ::::gasp::::: It must be mine! Oh and heads up, thrifty shoppers! They’re having their Deck Your Halls Half Off Holiday Sale! Go go go!

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Timber Preservation Society

Over the weekend the boyfriend and I attended Unique LA, one of my most favorite local events, and he purchased this awesome tee from Timber Preservation Society.

I really dig the style, the illustrations on these screenprinted tees is so detailed and fun and whimsical and just awesome. They’re so different than what you normally see on tees that I just had to feature them. And I found out that they’ve been a featured seller on etsy before too! The interview is over a year old so I guess I’m a little late to the party on this one but oh well.


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Link Lovin’!

As promised here are some of my faves from this weekend’s Unique LA…

I don’t know bout you but lately it seems I’m surrounded by newborns and pregnant women. Lots of cute baby goods found here!

Lovely handmade jewelery by Christine Street.

Super cute and simple stationary, clothing and accessories. Her lavendar sachets were particularly yummy!

Unique handmade kitchen accessories like her awesome devil and zombie kitchen mit potholders!

Original artwork and handmade goodies, I love her floating panda pieces!

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Super Cool Steampunk Inspired Keyboards!

You may commence drooling. See more at Apartment Therapy.



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I’m really loving these adorable handmade creatures from Stitchface. How cute are these? They range between $24- $30 a creature, but how can you resist their faces??

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Lovely Notebooks!



I love these. I truly truly do. They’re so very pretty and cheap too! Pick up these lovely eco friendly sketchbooks by Cartolina here.

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