Hello there!

Hello there. My name is Rocio, I am a graphic designer from Los Angeles. Shake and Shift Design is a collection of my thoughts, findings and things that generally amuse me. If you’d like to collaborate on a project or contact me with comments, suggestions, or to say hello at you can reach me at rocio(at)shakeandshift.com

Thanks for stopping by!


3 responses to “Hello there!

  1. Hello Rocio,
    Thank you so much for your lovely post about gleena!


    • shakeandshiftdesign

      Your welcome, thanks for stopping by! Keep up the beautiful work, I plan on purchasing one of your lovely pieces through etsy soon!

  2. Hello Rocio!

    A colleague of mine is interested in you as a candidate for position in LA. I went to you site, but it seems to be gone. shakeandshift.com
    Please get back to me if you have any interest.

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