Voter Suppression

Having the right to vote is one of the very basic and most wonderful things about this country. I think everyone can agree on that, or at least I thought everyone could agree on that. That is until I stumbled upon this video from the organization ACORN. The video is part of a campaign by ACORN to set the record straight about the organization and it’s intentions. Over the last 18 months, ACORN has waged a voter registration campaign, which successfully helped register 1.3 million new voters. But the McCain campaign has recently launched an attack on ACORN’s efforts saying that the voters who were registered are fraudulent aims at skewing the race in Obama’s favor. Why you ask? In preparation for the possibility of their loss. Should the GOP lose this election they can always put the blame on the “fraudulent voters” registered by ACORN. That attack is ridiculous. It truly is. As explained in this video it nearly impossible to get those kinds of results. Watch and learn.


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